Piano Tuning in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Whether your piano is brand new, full of years, an expensive grand, or an entry-level spinet, Hollinger Piano Service of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, can make it sound its best with regular piano tuning services.

Enjoy Your Piano Again

Piano tuning needs differ depending on the piano, its environment, how it is used, and who is playing it. One cannot enjoy playing a piano that is out of tune as much as one that is in tune. Annual tunings are quite common for home pianos. Pianos that are used a lot or are owned by discriminating pianists will benefit from more frequent service.

Raise Your Piano's Pitch

If the piano has not been tuned for many years, it may need an extra step called a pitch raise. This step is needed because the tension on the piano’s framework needs to be right before a good tuning can be done. Otherwise, the first strings will go increasingly flat as the other strings are tuned.

In addition, seasonal humidity changes can drastically affect the tuning. If you are interested in this topic, see the humidity control section for more information.

Maintaining Your Organization's Piano

Churches, schools, restaurants, and other organizations should maintain their pianos well. More people hear them when they are used, and a poorly maintained piano reflects negatively on the organization. Contact Hollinger Piano service to discuss a tuning and maintenance plan that is right for you.

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