Piano Repair & Maintenance Services in Lancaster and Surrounding Areas

Ensure your piano works well for years to come with repair and maintenance services provided by Hollinger Piano Service in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We can do whatever it takes to get your piano back in working condition.

Pianos Generally Work Well for a Long Time

While pianos generally work well for a long time, the need for a repair is not unusual. Owners frequently call for a tuning when there is an additional problem, with the intent of having the piano repaired at the same time.

Repairs Vary in Difficulty & Expense

A repair or remedy may be so simple that the cost is very low. There are also times when the repair will involve considerable time and expense.

In that case, we will discuss your options with you to help you reach a decision. It is your piano and your money, and we are committed to treating you how we would want to be treated. Fairly common repairs include freeing sluggish keys, replacing torn strings or broken/defective action parts, regluing parts that have come loose, fixing squeaks and groans, and repairing the piano stool or bench.

Common Piano Maintenance Services

Pianos need maintenance even if they are working well. Even a newer piano may need service, depending on its initial quality and dealer preparation. Some of the more common services include tightening the action screws, removing dust accumulation from areas not accessible to piano owners, spacing the moving parts correctly, and lubricating as needed.

Lubricating Your Piano

Lubricating should be left to the technician. Pianos have been ruined by well-meaning owners using the wrong lubricant at the wrong place.

Regulating Your Piano

Piano technicians generally use the term regulating for services that relate to proper response and touch. Regulation of the action may be needed periodically so the parts work together most effectively.

Rebuilding & Reconditioning Your Piano

High-quality pianos are worth the expense of a complete rebuild when needed. This may include replacing complete sets of parts such as hammers and refinishing the case.

For average pianos, reconditioning is less expensive and can be worthwhile. But like many other things, the piano may wear out and replacement is a better option.

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