Humidity Control

If your piano is equipped with a humidity control system, Hollinger Piano Service in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, will check it when we tune your piano and service it as needed. We can provide evaporator pads, Pad Treatment, and most replacement parts.

How Weather Affects Tuning

We live in an area where wide humidity changes occur every year. These changes affect the tuning, more so in some pianos than others. Too much humidity can cause rusting strings and tuning pins, as well as sticking keys and sluggish action. Too dry an atmosphere can cause a cracked soundboard, loose screws and tuning pins, or rattling parts.

The Right Location

The location of the piano is important for the reasons mentioned above. Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from air conditioning and heating sources if at all possible. Even so, you may notice the piano sounding more or less in tune as the seasons change.

Excellent Piano Humidity Control Systems Are Now Available

Although most piano manufacturers endorse them, piano technicians vary in their response. Some believe every piano should have a complete system installed and others rarely, if ever, mention them to customers.

We Recommend a Complete or Partial Piano Life SaverSystem® from Dampp-Chaser as a Good Choice:

  • If Your Piano Goes Noticeably out of Tune with Seasonal Humidity Changes
  • If You Own a New or Fine Piano & Want to Give It the Best Protection
  • If Your Piano Is Located in an Area That Is Excessively Dry or Damp
  • If Other Evidence Indicates a Problem

We have installed many of these systems, as we believe they are the best! If you want more information, call our piano service at (717) 626-0427 to request a copy of the Humidity Control Packet.

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