About Mr. Hollinger

Mr. Hollinger is the owner and operator of Hollinger Piano Service in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Read on to learn how he got his start, which grew into an enthusiasm for working on pianos.

The Piano & I

I grew up in a log and stone farmhouse. We always had one of those big old upright pianos in the house. My siblings and I often messed around with it and I think all seven of us kids learned to play "Chopsticks". Although I never had piano lessons as a child, I even tried my hand at composition on that old piano.

When I was in my early teens, my dad borrowed a tuning lever from a friend. I tuned that old piano the best I could, using little more than that cheap tuning lever and one of those round chrome-and-black pitch pipes. I’m sure the tuning I did wasn’t good, but the piano sounded a whole lot better when I was done!

How I Got My Start

I was probably in my 20s when I bought a mail order piano tuning course. I learned later that its reputation was lacking, to put it kindly. However, it got me started! After finishing high school and college, I began teaching music to high school students in 1975.

I eventually earned my MS in Music Education degree from West Chester University, but later resigned from teaching in 1992. Having already serviced pianos part-time for 10 years by then, I put it in high gear and went full-time with pianos rather than seeking another teaching position.

My Community Involvement

I became a member of the Piano Technicians Guild® in 1987 and passed the tests to qualify as a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) in 1996. I am indebted to the PTG® for the education they continue to provide through the Piano Technicians Journal, the many great classes offered at conventions, and the meetings our local chapter sponsors throughout each year.

My Passion

I enjoy caring for pianos, and meeting their owners. I deeply appreciate my customers and value their confidence in me. Thank you to all who recommend me to their family members, friends, schools, and churches.

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